Three Tips for Finding Off Campus University Housing

hthtYour first year of college can be an amazing and intense experience. Many people are living away from home with no supervision for the first time. There are new things to learn, new people to meet, and a new city to explore. Freshmen also have the experience of living in a dormitory for the first time. Living in the dorms is a great way to meet friends and form a social group, but it can also be loud and chaotic at times. For those students who are considering a different living option, here are three tips to help you find a great place.

Ask Your School For Suggestions

Nearly every college in the country that has university housing cannot offer an on-campus room to every student. As a result, they know that a large portion of their pupils will live off-campus, either by choice or necessity. The same departments that manage dormitories will often have a physical or online list of properties that they recommend to students looking for a new house or apartment. These suggestions are generally vetted in

When the Choice and the Selection Are Equally Important

bvjksThe education industry is changing at an astounding speed. The opportunities are piling up and so is the confusion. Students need professional guidance to choose the most suitable educational path. This is where educational consultants come in. Parents and children benefit from the counseling sessions conducted by these expert educational guides. The path becomes clearer with every counseling session.

Everybody knows where your search for the best educational consultant should lead you but, finding a place to start the search at might be daunting in itself. There are several options there too. You can trust Google, but sieving through millions of links to find the best suited one is anything but easy. Then there is the referral system, ask around and you will see that you are not alone in this situation.

Know this in your heart that whether you are an international student looking to find the best suited university and the best suited course for you in a foreign country or you are trying to navigate the maze of special education requirements as well as customized educational plans, a capable educational guide can be the difference

Everything You Need To Know About Doing Bachelor Of Computer Application

csd“I think computer viruses should count as life… I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.” – Stephen Hawking

I thought twice whether or not to include this quote in my article, but the temptation of including my favourite quote on computers was one that was difficult to resist. Scroll through the list of computer quotes on any website, and you would find plenty of witty and sarcastic ones. Humour aside, computers are being used everywhere today – from defence industry to design arms, to being used in the medical field for surgery, and so on. No wonder, so many students across India apply for BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Application) every year.

What is BCA?
In layman terms, if ‘Computer Science’ or ‘Informatics Practices’ (A subject that is a part of CBSE’s higher secondary school curriculum.) at school evoked your interest, or computer programming wasn’t a rocket science for you, this three year undergraduate course might just be for you! It teaches and trains students to become

Why Should For Profit Academic Campus Leaders Adopt a Situational Leadership Style

gjhgkhLeadership and the style of leadership is a determining factor in the fabric of a campus. Faculty members can be seen as the thread that stitches together the fabric of a student’s educational experience. The direction and input that a faculty member provides to students can play a lasting role in the success of the student. By placing more emphasis on faculty success shifts the primary focus of campus leaders. This is a primary focus because the type of relationship that campus leaders foster with faculty members will show in their performance, which will have either a positive or negative impact on the education students’ receives. Moreover, a negative impact can lead to faculty and student attrition which is detrimental to the institution.

The Imagine America Foundation’s (2007) fact book revealed that private career colleges had a very high completion rate when compared to public colleges; however, over the years private career colleges have gained the bad reputation of being predators. The For-profit higher education industry still faces a number of criticisms when it comes to student enrollment tactics, high amounts of student debt, and gainful employment. Along with

Achieve Your Goals by Attending Accredited Online Colleges

dvAccredited online colleges are ready to help you achieve your education and employment goals today! With classes that can meet your hairy schedule needs, and accredited schools to ensure that your education is of the highest quality, why would you not take your classes online?

After all, you are the one who would have to fight traffic, try to find a parking space, and work through all the scheduling nightmares of working overtime, but needing to be in class at the same time. Make it easy on yourself and get your education online, so you have the flexibility you need. You will enjoy your learning more, receive more out of it, and be much more successful than if you had to attend class in a traditional school.

Accredited online colleges have been recognized as having met the essential requirements in education. They are not some fly-by-night organization that is there solely to take your money and give you a sub-standard education. They are there to make sure you receive an excellent education and that you are headed in the right direction for the future; well-equipped for a wonderful

Students With College Potential Need Active Parenting

srrbhrbI have been hearing things from College Leaders, Career Services Professionals, College Professors and Adjunct Instructors that should concern you. Those comments have to do with college students and the way they think and operate. They make me wonder if recent high school graduates can survive in college and in the real world.

Parents are responsible for teaching, guiding and coaching their children, while giving them a broad range of opportunities and experiences. The best parents help their children learn and grow, so they can function effectively and succeed in their adult lives.

Areas of concern include:

Short Attention Span – Do your children quickly lose interest in most things, lack concentration and move too quickly from one thing to another? To operate effectively in college and in the work world, many assignments require students to pay close attention for long periods of time.

Electronic Devices – Are your children only interested in their electronic devices and ignore opportunities for physical, cooperative or interpersonal activities with friends? Team efforts and face to face communication are still required at most colleges and in most organizations.


How Necessary Is a College Education

sdaIn today’s competitive world, education is a necessity. Students who have completed their college education more likely to have more opportunities and better quality of life. Mostly, employers prefer to hire job-seekers who have college degrees. In general, it is much easier for a person who finish college education to find a
job, maintain a job, and get promoted while on the job.

College education is one of the best investments of time and money. That is why there are many preneed companies offering educational plans; for parents to plan the future of their kids before the need arises. It is a practical way of saving money for kids.

Going back to the necessity of college education, people with college degrees are more self-disciplined and cooperative compared to those who are not. People who lack educational degrees have limited opportunities in life especially in terms of employment. College graduates most often have better benefits specifically in terms of entering higher-level careers with greater salaries. They are also the ones who receive promotions, salary raises and often given opportunities for

5 Effective Time Management Tools to Help You Prepare Better for Your Exams

asfHow is it that some people seem to have all the time in the world while some never seem to have enough time? It all boils down to how one manages time. For students preparing for an exam, time becomes the most critical resource and those who know how to manage time effectively tend to have an edge over others. We look at some useful time management strategies that will teach you how to manage time better and help you prepare better for your exams.

Create a to-do-list: A to-do list is one of the most effective time-management tools. This will ensure that you have your tasks listed out in front of you instead of trying to store them in your head. It means that you can focus on important tasks in order of importance, you will not forget any tasks, you can tick off the tasks done and there is a record of what you have done and what is left to do. The simplest way to create a list is to use a pen and a diary to jot your tasks down, but you can also use

Can Mindfulness Be Used to Enhance Learning

scaWhen you think about the word mindfulness you may not automatically associate it with learning and higher education. Most educators want to focus their attention on the subject matter being taught and the development of skills that are needed to ensure academic success, such as writing and reading skills. Mindfulness is also associated with spirituality and guided meditation, which again may not seem like a natural fit for the learning process. But mindfulness has a much broader definition and potential use, and it is utilized in both organizations and schools. The one exception is distance learning and for that field there is little direct application and implementation of mindfulness practices.

At its essence, mindfulness is about developing a focused state of mind through a process of directing and controlling thoughts and thought patterns at a specific time. It involves developing a better sense of self-awareness, being focused on breathing or anything else that helps to create a point of focus, removing mental and physical distractions, and tuning out all other thoughts. When viewed from this perspective it may be possible

Boost Your Career With Lovely Professional University

vdvMaking a bright future is not a cakewalk. To do so, one must be very careful since the beginning of his career. He must be a serious and hardworking person. He should know himself very well. He needs to test his own capability. Keeping pace with his knack and capability, he must choose a degree program that can give his career a significant boost.

Some students get confused, when they go to choose their career paths. To help these students, Lovely Professional University (LPU) has appeared to the scene. With the goal of developing IT infrastructure in India, this university was set up under the state government private university act. Since the time of its inception till date, it has been helping the students choose their right career path. Along with helping them in taking the right decision, it has been offering world-class education. Consequently, they are performing well in the global completion.

If you want to boost your career with world-class education, you can get started with this reputed institution. This is one of the highly acclaimed institutions in India. Over the years it has been

10 Tips and Things to Ask Before Choosing Your College Major

ddef1.Do you like the classes? This is the obvious one and the one you’ve most likely heard before from every advisor and upperclassmen you’ve talked to. Despite how often this advice is given out, I’m still surprised at how many people are taking classes they don’t enjoy just because they “want” to be a certain major.

2. Do you like the people in the classes? This is something that I wish I had taken into account a little bit more before choosing my major. Would I have chosen a different major- possibly. At least at my University and in my major, you have to work in groups on many projects. Maybe this is a just a small-liberal-arts-computer-science-major problem, but I have had classes that I had to work in small groups or with a partner and it didn’t go over so well.

3. Talk to people who have a degree in the field you are thinking about – Often times people don’t realize what a job for someone in their major really looks like. I was hesitant to go after computer science at first because I knew I

How To Pick A College For Your Bright Professional Life

ASDSo, are you ready to join yourself for the new journey? Right, yes, I am talking about your adventures and interesting journey of college. Every student gets prepared for admission in college after high school. High school is a life to discover yourself and think about your bright career. Every student gets serious and concerned about how to select a good college after high school. Taking important decisions that will paves the path to a victorious college life will enhances the likelihood for great opportunities in your future.

It’s time to go to college and now you have to choose best one. Considering the over thousands of colleges out there, this could be a tedious job. Make this task simple and select the correct college for you by searching your options and recognizing what to look for.

Selecting a College

If you want to take admission in college, you have to plan. Which colleges are suitable for you? How much you will pay for your college education?

It is actually difficult to choose the best college when there

How To Select The Right University

csABelieve it or not, there are a few too many universities spread across the country. Which university you study in and graduate from will play a major role in sketching your future. The fact that you have abundant choice can confuse you and cause you to take the wrong decision.

Selecting a university goes much beyond choosing one that is conveniently located and/or offers tuition that you can afford. There are many other parameters that you must look at to ensure that the university is the right fit for you. We have a few of these listed below:


The reputation of a university speaks a lot. Check the country’s rankings and see where it ranks. Ideally, studying in one of the top 20 universities will work in your favor but we recommend that you look at the top 50 as well. A few new universities may be excellent but may not rank very well because they are still in the initial stages.

While reputation is important, please make sure that you do not make a choice solely

How to Get Into the Schools of Your Dreams

asccYou have another year left of high school and your entire family is pressuring you about the next big step of your life: College. This phase means freedom and choices because there are an almost unlimited number of institutions in which you can choose. Figuring out where to start might be the most difficult hurdle. If you’re completely lost, you’re not alone. Your teenage experience is a time for finding yourself and discovering your goals. Before you apply, there are some things you should consider.

SAT and Resume

SAT scores are an immense part of your resume. If there are universities you have in mind that require specific scores, make these numbers your goal. There is a variety of resources to help you, such as and practice books. Review the material and requirements, scoring system, length of the exam, and the different included parts. Top schools request scores anywhere from 1800 and above. You should always have more than one option, so you have something to lean on if one opportunity stalls.

Most students don’t open a practice book until they reach 11th grade, which is

How to Benefit From an Exchange Program

ggbWhen talking about target groups which are to benefit from this paper, there might be primarily prospective students as well as former students (‘the old boys’ network is the young boys’ network’), the parents as decision maker and financial donator, an institution called DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst or German Academic Exchange Service) and the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Office/Study Abroad Office) as the administrative linking pins; besides, there is the University Body of Regensburg (which has been my home university) and the host at Vanderbilt University itself, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee/USA.

Basically, I would like to summarize my findings which are based upon personal experience in more detail. You need to know, that I am always referring to my frame of reference which was the University of Regensburg in Bavaria.

Those of you, who firmly intend to spend an academic year abroad, should be fully aware of the fact, that investing a lot in the process of application is mandatory, but absolutely worthwhile due to the obvious positive result. The useful investment for future prospects is therefore guaranteed. This kind of additional education will be engraved in

Heres How to Engage the Mind of Your Students

sdva3The ideal outcome for any class, whether it is a college course or corporate training program, is to have students demonstrate that they were able to meet the course objectives, which could include several factors such as the acquisition of new knowledge or the development of specific skills that are academic or job related. In other words, it is expected that students will have learned about a subject or learned how to do something as a result of their involvement in a class. Yet the reality for many classes is that some students will simply go through the motions without actually learning anything, even if they have written a paper, participated in the class discussions to some degree, or passed a required test.

What experienced educators know is that learning takes place not just in the classroom but within the mind of their students and that is where the focus of educating adults needs to begin – on the mindset, attitude, and mental capacity that every student has while they are participating in class and working through the course materials. The optimal class conditions could be well established and

Choosing the Right Medical School

fdsAsk any high school biology student if they ever have dreamt to be a doctor, I am sure the majority of the answers would be yes. And why not? It is an honorable profession that puts you among the highest earners among your peers. However, the journey to be a doctor is a long and arduous one. I say long, without any reservation. Students in medicine spend at least 4 years in medical college and a further 5 or more years to do their medical specialization or residency.

Entering medical school is not a stroll in the park either. It is a lot of work. In addition to having good academic grades, there are essays to write, interview sessions to attend and also, entrance examinations to prepare for.

So, how do one choose a suitable medical school?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right medical school:

1. Academic Reputation

Top medicine institutes often attract the most talented academia, researchers and clinician-scientists. Treating diseases and finding the right cures for ailments require diagnostic skills and an in-depth knowledge of the most current medical

Is There An Effective Way For Your College To Improve Student Employment Success

hthsYES! In fact, there is a way for colleges to help 100% of their students and greatly improve their chances for employment success, at no additional cost to the college.

Although my statement may sound unrealistic, difficult and potentially expensive, improving your student employment performance rate does not have to be costly and can be quite easy to do. You can create a win-win for everyone.

The fact remains that there actually is a simple way to help all of your students get better prepared to compete for the best jobs in their fields of interest.

To do that, students must know:

– How the employment process works

– What their target employers want, need and expect from them

– How they can best satisfy the expectations of their target employers

To ensure that this happens, Career Services Professionals will need to:

– Reach

– Inform

– Teach

– Motivate

– Guide

– Coach

Of course, not every college

can devote the personnel, time, money and other resources

for the traditional methods

Students Wont Learn If You Dont Show Them How

sssWhen students walk into class, or enter an online classroom, they are there because it is a mandatory degree requirement or they have a specific need that requires them to acquire specialized knowledge and/or skills for their career. However, just because they are present doesn’t mean they are willing participants and are certain to be actively engaged. They may not become fully involved in their class until they perceive it will be of value and they can complete what is required of them, which means learning may be viewed as a conditional process rather than something they can always benefit from and be involved in. Students may not understand that new class experiences and academic challenges can actually help to prompt the development of skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, and they have an ability to learn no matter how difficult the class may be or the subject matter they are required to study.

Students either rely upon their existing patterns of working, studying, and processing information or they develop habits along the way to help them meet the demands required of them to be involved in class.

Importance of Placements While Choosing A College

dbavWe think of various factors when we apply to a college. Placement cell is one of them. Knowing that you will be guided after your graduation so that you land a job helps you feel secure. This is the reason why a number of colleges today have a dedicated placement cell that helps, guides, and advises students about the future.

Why Is A Placement Cell So Important?

There are many jobs across the country with the economy getting better and MNCs exploring the nation. Why, then, would someone need placement guidance? The process of recruitment seems simple enough – study, graduate, apply, and get a job. Well, truth be told, it is much more difficult than this. There are plenty of jobs, of course, but there is also stringent competition to match the availability. Plus, many people lose out on jobs even though they are qualified because they do not have knowledge about how the system actually works.

In universities, students come from all wakes of lives. They come from different parts of the country including rural areas. Some individuals may not be aware of how things